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China threatens to retaliate if US boycotts Beijing Winter Olympics

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

China threatens to take action to retaliate if United States of America really boycotted Beijing Winter Olympics which will be held in February 2022.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian made this threat after CNN reported that the US administration is expected to announce the boycott this week.

“If the US insists on sticking to its decision, China will retaliate with countermeasures,” Zhao said at a press conference today, Monday (6/12), as reported by Reuters.

According to Zhao, the boycott was too much and should be stopped “so as not to impact the dialogue and cooperation between China and the US in important areas.”

The issue of this boycott has been circulating for the past month or so. President Joe Biden has admitted that his government is considering a boycott of the Winter Olympics.

Biden said his government planned to take the step as a sign of protest at China’s track record of human rights abuses against Muslim minorities in China.

However, this boycott is only diplomatic. This means that the US will not send government representatives to the Winter Olympics, while athletes from Uncle Sam’s country will still compete.

So far, activists and members of the US Congress have urged the government to completely boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics, including not sending athletes to fight.


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