China Sieges Taiwan, Deploys 10 Fighter Jets and Bombers

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

China held a number of simultaneous air and naval exercises in the west and east Taiwan since the start of this week.

The Chinese military says the Liaoning carrier fleet and several other warships are conducting exercises around Taiwan.

“This is a routine military exercise held based on the annual training work plan to test the effectiveness of training armed forces and increase their ability to safeguard national sovereignty, interests, security and development,” the Chinese military statement said on Monday this week.

At least 10 Chinese warplanes, including four Shenyang J-16 bomber jets and four J-10, Y-8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft and KJ-500 early warning aircraft, entered Taiwan’s defense zone.

According to the editor-in-chief of the Chinese magazine Shipborne Weapons, Shi Hong, the Chinese maneuvers show a military superiority that is superior to Taiwan.

“The exercise shows that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is able to surround the island of Taiwan, isolate its troops and not let them run anywhere and there is no chance of winning if such a situation occurs,” Shi was quoted as saying by CNN.

In addition to Taiwan, Shi said the Chinese military exercises were also carried out to send implicit messages to the United States and Japan.

According to him, any US and Japanese military intervention is likely to come from the eastern region, so China trains its armed forces in the region.

However, other defense analysts think the military exercises earlier this week do not demonstrate China‘s new capabilities.

“A Chinese aircraft carrier operating in eastern Taiwan does not matter much if operated in that way because it could be very vulnerable to operate that far, in deep waters filled with nuclear-powered US attack submarines and outside the umbrella of China‘s integrated air defense,” said Center for New American Security senior investigator and former US Navy Captain, Thomas Shugart.

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Photo: CNNIndonesia / Asfahan Yahsyi

Meanwhile, Singapore S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies researcher, Collin Koh, said the Chinese maneuver was intended as a warning to Taiwanese not to interfere with the interests of the Bamboo Curtain country.

However, China‘s military movements in eastern Taiwan are not new and the presence of a number of warplanes in Taiwan’s defense zones is commonplace.

For example, as many as 20 Chinese warplanes broke through Taiwan’s defense zone around the end of March.

During 2020, Taiwan said Chinese planes breached its defenses more than 300 times.

Not standing still, Taiwan continues to complain of increasing Chinese military activity near their territory in recent months.

Taiwan also plans to stage a war simulation for the next eight days with the help of computers this month.

This simulation opens the first phase of Taiwan’s biggest military exercise this year called Operation Han Kuang.

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