China Reports Findings of Tick-Borne Virus from Flea Bites

Jakarta, NKRIKU Indonesia – China reports a new infectious disease spread by the tick-borne virus that comes from tick bites. The tick-borne virus is reported to have killed seven people and infected 60 others in the Land of the Bamboo Curtain.

The seven deaths were reported in Anhui and Zheijiang province, East China.

Authorities and virologists warn of possible human-to-human transmission of the disease via ticks.

Quoting Indian Express, this virus is transmitted through tick bites that trigger severe fever or thrombocytopenia syndrome, abbreviated as SFTS.

The symptoms of SFTS are not actually caused by a new virus, because they have been found in China since 2009. In 2011, China reportedly succeeded in isolating the tick-borne virus pathogen.

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