China reply: “USA. it is the greatest nuclear threat ”- 05/11/2021

China yesterday, Thursday, described the report of USA that warns of a faster expansion of the nuclear arsenal of the Asian giant.

“The US Defense Department report, like previous reports, ignores the facts and is full of prejudices,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. In addition, he accused the Pentagon of “manipulation” and of “inflating the thesis of China as nuclear threat“, And pointed out precisely the United States” as the world’s greatest source of nuclear threat. “

The Pentagon report released on Wednesday asserts that China is developing its nuclear arsenal faster than anticipated and that it can now launch missiles armed with nuclear warheads from land, sea and air.

According to Pentagon forecasts, China could have 700 nuclear warheads in 2027 and reach 1,000 in 2030, an arsenal two and a half times larger than it anticipated a year ago. Even so, the Chinese arsenal would be far from equaling that of the United States and Russia, which together possess more than 90% of nuclear weapons: 5,550 the United States and 6,255 Russia, according to the Stockholm International Institute for Peace Research. .



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