China refuses to provide World Health Organization (WHO) information

SHANGHAI: China has refused to provide information on preliminary Kovid cases to a World Health Organization (WHO) -led team investigating the origin of Kovid. With this, efforts to find out how the epidemic started will be complicated, the group representative said.

The team had sought information about 174 cases and other cases identified by China during the first phase of the Kovid eruption in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. But Dominic Dwyer, an Australian epidemiologist who is a member of the group, said it was only a summary. He said that as half of the 174 cases were related to the market in Wuhan, the availability of information was very important and it was not known whether there was any political or other reason for not providing the information.

The team arrived in China in January and spent four weeks in China investigating the origin of Kovid. From the outset, Kovid accused China of hiding information about the epidemic.

English Summary: China Refused To Provide Raw Data On Early Covid Cases: WHO Team Member


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