China records 508 new cases of coronavirus and 71 deaths

The Chinese National Health Commission said on Tuesday that the Chinese mainland registered 508 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, up from 409 the previous day..

This brings the total number of confirmed cases of the virus on the Chinese mainland to 77,658 cases so far.

The total number of deaths as a result of the epidemic in mainland China reached 2,663 as of the end of yesterday, an increase of 71 over the previous day.

The central province of Hubei and the epidemic outbreak recorded 68 new deaths, while its capital, Wuhan, recorded 56 deaths.

Global health spokeswoman Margaret Harris has confirmed that the number of people infected with the Coronavirus has reached 78,000 cases worldwide, most of them from China, despite a decrease in the number of infections in this country..

Harris said – in an exclusive interview with the satellite channel “Nile News” with the media Amal Rushdie broadcast on Monday evening – that the World Health Organization is communicating with medical systems in the countries of the world and providing advice and training to them on the new Corona virus through the organization’s online platform.

A spokeswoman for the global health said that other cases of the Corona virus began to appear in countries such as South Korea, Iran and Italy and there are some fears that the virus will affect other countries, so every medical team in these countries must be fully aware of this virus and how to deal with it and prevent it.

Regarding the source of the new corona virus, Harris confirmed that from the genetic point of view the first source was (the bat), but after the experiments it became clear that there is another intermediate source because the bats do not infect humans directly, usually there is an intermediate source that transmits it to humans and this matter is not clear So far, we are working in full swing with scientists to find out the type of other animals that transmit this virus to humans.

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And about the early detection of the virus and how to prevent it, Harris said that the infection is likely due to sneezing and coughing, so the nose and mouth must be covered, and you must make sure to use clean water to wash hands, pointing out that the use of masks throughout the day is the wrong use, explaining The organization recommended that the masks be used in crowded places only to prevent epidemics and diseases, and also to rely on disinfectants, which are able to kill bacteria stuck in hands, because they contain alcohol.

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