China promises to cut fossil fuels to 20 percent by 2060

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Government China plans to reduce dependence on fossil fuels (BBM) fossil to below 20 percent by 2060. This plan is contained in a cabinet document published by local state media.

However, the document does not specify the steps the Chinese government will take to decarbonise or reduce carbon emissions. Although, China has been asked to draw up a plan to accelerate emission reductions ahead of the world leaders meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, at the COP26 forum.

To be sure, China said it would gradually stop the consumption of fossil fuels. By 2030, energy used from non-fossil fuel sources will reach 25 percent. Then, by 2060, China targets 80 percent of its total energy use to come from non-fossil fuels.

Quoted CNN Business, Tuesday (26/10), China has not announced its delegation to the high-level climate discussion forum. In fact, Chinese President Xi Jinping has not left China since the COVID-19 pandemic began and is not expected to attend COP26 either.

It is estimated that China will not keep its climate promises, given China’s efforts to strengthen the economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, instead building dozens of coal power plants.

Not only that, China has even accelerated construction projects that rely on fossil fuels in order to relieve the energy crisis that hit.

Last week, for example, the Chinese government ordered mining in its territory to immediately produce as much coal as possible after weeks of facing an electricity crisis in many provinces.

Coal is China’s main energy source which is widely used for power generation, steelmaking, and others. Last year, 60 percent of China’s energy use flowed into these sectors.

In fact, even today, China is a world leader in producing new and renewable energy (EBT). Unfortunately, China still has to increase its capacities, such as wind and solar power, to meet its climate targets.

Even so, China promised NRE would reach 25 percent of its installed power capacity. Meanwhile, wind and solar power generation will account for 16.5 percent of China’s energy by 2025.

“China will carry out a deep industrial restructuring, accelerate the development of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and promote the construction of a low-carbon transportation system,” the Chinese government said in a statement. Xinhua.

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