China is still the leader in the Tokyo Olympic medal table

Chinese athletes have won 69 medals at the Olympics, of which 32 are gold, 21 silver and 16 bronze. On Tuesday, the Chinese medal was increased by three gold and four silver medals. On the top pedestal on Tuesday, gymnast Chechen Guan climbed on a log, gymnast Jinhua Zhou in gymnastics side by side and skater Xixi in the three-meter springboard, and silver was won by gymnast Xiying as well as two canoes in the 1000-meter sprint.

The US athletes already have 73 – 24 gold, 28 silver and 21 bronze – Tokyo Olympic Games medals. On Tuesday, the USA triumphed in the Atinga Mu 800-meter race and the freestyle wrestler Tamira Marja Mensaha-Stok weighed up to 68 kilograms. In the 800-meter race, Gabriela Tomas in the 200-meter race, track cycling in the four-kilometer women’s team driving competition.

Japan retains the third place with 36 medals. The hosts have 19 gold medals, six silver and 11 bronze. On Tuesday, the Japanese anthem sounded after Daiki Hashimoto’s victory in barbell and boxer Sen Irie triumph in the copper category up to 57 kilograms, and the bronze medal was won by the Greco-Roman wrestler Shohei Jabik in the weight category up to 77 kilograms.

Australia did not win a single medal on Tuesday, but retained fourth place in the medal table with 33 medals – 14 gold, four silver and 15 bronze.

The team of the Russian Olympic Committee, which is in the fifth place, takes the third place in terms of the number of medals – it has 52 medals in its cage, of which 13 are gold forged, 21 silver and 18 bronze.

In turn, Great Britain with 43 medals – 13 gold, 17 silver and 13 bronze – is in the fourth place in terms of the number of medals, but in the overall ranking of medals finishes the Olympic six.

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Germany has eight gold and silver medals and 14 bronze medals, while France has six gold, ten silver and eight bronze medals.

The Netherlands, South Korea and New Zealand also have six gold medals, among others.

Italy has a total of 29 medals, but only five of them are gold. The Italians have also won nine silver and 15 bronze medals.

Hungary, Cuba and the Czech Republic also have four gold medals, while Canada, Switzerland, Brazil and Croatia each have three gold medals.

Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Jamaica, Norway, Slovenia, Ecuador, Greece, Uzbekistan, Kosovo and Qatar have won two gold medals.

After Artūrs Plēsnieks’s third place in the weightlifting competition up to 109 kilograms in Tuesday’s weightlifting competition, Latvia has joined the 49th-53rd place in Estonia, Belarus, Fiji and Iran, which have one gold and one bronze medal.

Latvia won gold on July 28 with 3×3 basketball players, but Estonia won gold on July 27 with fencers – Julia Belayeva, Katrina Lehisa, Erik Kirpū and reservist Irina Embriha – in the team competition with a spear, but on July 24 won a bronze medal in Lehis’ individual competition with a fencing.

In total, 84 national teams have already won at least one medal at these Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games take place from July 23 to August 8.

After the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games will take place in Tokyo from August 24 to September 5.

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