China is getting hotter, Xi Jinping sends nuclear jets to Taiwan

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaChina has again deployed its fighter fleet to fly into Taiwan’s airspace. Unmitigated, this time Beijing even commissioned a nuclear plane on the flight.

Quotes Reuters, Taipei said that on this flight there were 18 fighter jets plus five nuclear-capable H-6 bombers. In addition, there is also a Y-20 aerial refueling aircraft. In total there are 27 fleets.

“The bomber and six warplanes flew south of Taiwan to the Bashi Strait which separates the island from the Philippines, then exited into the Pacific before returning to China,” said Taiwan’s official mapping statement quoted Monday (11/29/2021).

There was no immediate comment from China. Even so, Chinese state media reported that President Xi Jinping had held a three-day meeting ending on Sunday with the country’s top officials to discuss strengthening the armed forces.

“It is important to make great efforts to strengthen scientific and technological literacy and increase actual capabilities to win modern wars,” the official news agency said Xinhua quoting Xi.

“It is necessary to strengthen practical experience and encourage and guide officers and soldiers to experience wind and rain, see the world, strengthen their muscles and bones, and develop their talents in fiery military training.”

Recently, Chinese aircraft have entered Taiwan’s territory hundreds of times. Beijing still insists on claiming that the island is an integral part of its sovereignty.

On the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party last July, Xi Jinping stressed that Taiwan’s independence is something that must be avoided and fought with all-out.

“All sons and daughters of China, including their compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, must cooperate and move forward in solidarity, resolutely destroying the plot of ‘Taiwan independence’,” he said.

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