China finds mysterious crystal on the moon, claims it could be nuclear reactor material

With these crystals, humans could make nuclear fusion reactors more feasible for future power generation.

Illustration of a rare full moon in 2017. (NASA) – What it is stored in moon it is still a mystery, many things have not been revealed despite the various missions there. The most recent, China claims to have found a crystal which allows it to become material nuclear reactor.

Lunar exploration missions have been carried out, including the Apollo missions in the 1970s which sent humans to Earth’s natural satellite.

But since that mission, humans haven’t visited the Moon in decades. Instead, it uses robot scouts like China did.

Using the rover robot that was sent, China conducted research on the moon’s surface and the material it contained.

Reported by CBR.comthrough lunar samples collected by Chang’e e-5 China, the Country of the Bamboo Tent has found a crystal that could be a way to harness unlimited energy.

This mission made contact with the lunar surface in 2020. Since then, approximately four pounds of moonstone has been collected from China and brought to Earth.

With the discovery of these new moon crystals, China and other countries may have even more reasons to travel to the surface of the moon.

Chang’e 4 was photographed by Yutu 2 while he was on the moon. (CNSA / CLEP).

One of the main ingredients found in the Moon’s crystals is helium-3, which scientists say could be a stable fuel source for the reactor. nuclear fusion.

This material is very rare on the second Earth Vice. But it seems the material is so easy to find on the moon.

With these crystals, humans can build fusion reactors nuclear more feasible for future energy production.

However, there is still the problem of sending lunar crystals to Earth, especially in the quantities needed to power the fusion reactors.

But, if it turns out to be as publicly available as scientists believe, we may see some breakthroughs in nuclear fusion in the future.

This will allow us to stop using harmful fossil fuels, which further helps the ongoing problem of climate change.

This is the finding of crystals on the Moon that according to China can be used as a material to build nuclear reactors. (Celebrity)

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