China Enhances Infectious Disease Control Measures Next Year Aggressive Fiscal Policy and Moderate Monetary Policy Continue | Reuters

On the 6th, the Communist Party of China held a Politburo meeting and announced that it will optimize epidemic prevention and control measures next year. 7, state media reported. The Picture is the new corona virus vaccination venue. This is seen in Zhejiang province, China May 5, 2022. REUTERS/China Daily

BEIJING (Reuters) – The Communist Party of China said on Thursday it will streamline epidemic prevention and control measures next year at a Politburo meeting. Look for measures that are better suited to economic and social conditions. 7, state media reported.

Xinhua said the meeting would discuss economic challenges for 2023 and focus on stabilizing growth, employment and prices, as well as preventing and eliminating major systemic risks.

Next year, he announced his intention to “maintain stability by pursuing development.

He also pledged to maintain aggressive fiscal and prudent monetary policies.

He stressed that, in addition to efforts to expand domestic demand, it is also necessary to promote a high degree of outward openness and attract and use foreign capital.

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