China creates the world’s most powerful magnet


China creates the world’s most powerful magnet

The new Chinese hybrid magnet is capable of producing a magnetism of 45.22 Tesla.

China’s stable high magnetic field facility (SHMFF) achieved a record on August 12 thanks to the world’s most powerful magnet for scientific research, according to a statement from the High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the physical sciences institutes in Hefei of the Academy. China of Sciences (CHMFL).

The hybrid magnet produced a stable field of 45.22 Tesla (T), the largest stable magnetic field of a working magnet in the world.

According to Chinese researchers, it surpassed the previous world record of 45 tesla set in 1999 by a hybrid magnet at the US National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

In 2016, the team of Chinese scientists built the hybrid magnet, capable of generating a central magnetic field of 40 Tesla.

However, it was not the end, and since then, researchers began to pursue the creation of the most powerful magnetic field.

‘To achieve a stronger magnetic field, we innovate the magnet structure and develop new materials,’ said Professor Kuang Guangli, Academic Director of the High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

The new record-strength magnet is a “major milestone in the development of magnetic technology in China and the world,” the institute reports. It will provide new experimentation and research opportunities for scientists around the world.”

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