China and Russia united: liquidation Iranian general does not solve anything

Minister Zarif also spoke with his Chinese counterpart. Just like Lavrov, Minister Wang said the tensions in the region would worsen. He called on Americans not to abuse their power and seek solutions by talking. “China is opposed to the use of force in international relations. Military means or extreme pressure are a dead end.”

China and Russia are important allies and trading partners of Iran and, moreover, two of the six permanent members of the UN Security Council. Lavrov and Wang also called each other. According to the Russians, both countries are planning to put “illegal US action” on the agenda of the Security Council.

NATO training mission temporarily suspended

In response to the tensions in the region, NATO has suspended the training mission in Iraq as a precautionary measure. “The safety of our personnel has the highest priority,” said a spokesman for the military alliance.

Since October 2018 hundreds of soldiers from NATO countries have been stationed in Iraq to train Iraqi colleagues so that they are better able to cope with terrorist movements such as the Islamic State.

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