China Abandons Western Chips |

To date, the most popular mobile chip brands globally are Qualcomm and MediaTek. American technology is used in their production, thus the semiconductors may be subject to sanctions, even if they are manufactured in Chinese factories.

This is the reason why China aims to create 100% its own chips and completely independent technology for their production. The Asian country is already well ahead in its plans.

Cao Haitao, a distinguished professor at Mingjiang University, said 30 percent of smartphones sold in China should use Chinese chips.

It also suggests that any brand that decides to use other semiconductors will pay up to 400% more in taxes.

Cao Haitao believes that the purpose of this is to cultivate the Chinese market. “When there’s a market, there’s income, and when there’s income, there’s investment in research and development,” says the professor.

Unisoc, China’s biggest mobile phone chip designer, is fast emerging as a rising force in the global market as it seeks to challenge the dominance of traditional players such as Taiwan’s MediaTek and US giant Qualcomm.

The Shanghai-based company has already seen a 100-fold increase in semiconductor sales over the past year.

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