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Chilean who received Russian vaccine against covid-19: “The efficacy is already proven to be 95%” | Opinion

In Russia began the process of vaccination of Sputnik V against covid-19 and among the first to be inoculated is the Chilean journalist, Pablo Mura, who related the symptoms and how the process was.

In conversation with It could be worse, the professional explained that he was vaccinated on Tuesday afternoon and according to what he was informed from the laboratory, he could experience fever, decay, weakness and bodily discomfort.

He explained that he registered on the website intended for these purposes and that many hope to register when the end of the year holidays are over, due to the prohibition of consuming alcohol after injection.

Not being fluent in the entire language, a translator was translating the recommendations and how he should act if he had symptoms such as those detailed above.

Regarding the doubts of the international community regarding the vacuna Sputnik V due to the lack of protocols and ignorance about the results of the tests, he assured that they do not concern him and that he does not fear “this political and economic war that occurs with this vaccineto. It is not only saving the population for many politicians, but they want to be first ”.

Assured that “The efficacy is already proven to be 95% after 42 days” and insisted that “it is reliable because the results were officially delivered, preliminarily, but the final document is missing for the revista The Lancet”.

First wave in Russia

Mura explained that in the first wave the measures to prevent the virus from circulating were very strict, however, as time passed, they began to relax.

“People began to go out without masks, without gloves, restaurants and bars were opened, all leaving calmly and winter began, with -10 °, -9 °, and that’s when they began to use masks again,” he said.

Shipping to other countries

As reported in January, the components would begin to be sent so that the manufacturers of the countries begin to produce the vaccine.

There would be 50 countries that want the vaccine, among which is Belarus, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, which is where it was tested in the Study phase.

Check out the full interview below:

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