Chilean Academy of Medicine warns that limitations in medical research “may leave us out of the evaluation of vaccines for covid-19”

The Chilean Academy of Medicine expressed concern about the limitations that exist in Chile for medical research in the framework of the development of various vaccines to combat the covid-19 pandemic.

In a statement, they emphasized three paragraphs (two of the “Ricarte Soto” law and one of the “Rights and Duties” law) that “imposed a significant burden on the development of innovative therapies, forcing the free provision of the product of research for life to the participant; making any event that occurs to a person who has participated in a clinical trial independent of a possible causal relationship punishable, establishing extraordinarily long and imprecise terms for its occurrence and reporting and prohibiting participation in clinical trials of people with intellectual disabilities rejecting the option of consent by family members and / or legal representatives “.

They argue that “such restrictions, although well intentioned, do not exist in any industrialized country and led to a marked decrease in clinical trials, especially in diseases as serious as cancer, psychiatric, neurological, respiratory and infectious conditions.”

They warned that “these provisions have inhibited the initiation of clinical trials in the country and may exclude us from evaluating new drugs to treat and vaccines to prevent the overwhelming Covid-19 pandemic.”

Finally, they pointed out that “the Chilean Academy of Medicine, in accordance with its offer to the President of the Republic in a meeting last May, undertakes to collaborate in everything necessary, including the discussion of specific proposals, to contribute to the solution to this serious problem “.

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