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Tested: children’s masks as a microbial zoo

When was the last time you used handkerchiefs to blow your nose? How many decades ago? OK, I’m really sorry if you feel a little disgusted now, remembering the good old “snot flag”. It is really much more pleasant, cleaner, more hygienic to take paper handkerchiefs, pars pro toto also known under the brand name “speed”: You can throw it away.

In stark contrast to this, many have become accustomed to or have become accustomed to having a real passion for collecting with what comes out of the nose – usually not when blowing the nose, but when breathing: that’s not just air , with a greatly increased CO2 content, but of course also moisture and embedded in it small organisms that have previously been in the lungs or oropharynx: bacteria or microbes, of which – in Donald Duck German – Fantastilliarden in every single human being. In addition, the exhaled air is well warmed through, to body temperature.

We catch all of this nicely with our “medical” masks and create – from a microbe point of view – a paradisiacal microclimate of warm, humid nature, like in the tropics. It’s about as smart as leaving a ripe peach on the windowsill for a day in hot muggy weather, or a delicious piece of smoked salmon.

Just quickly tie the rag in front of your face for a quarter of an hour in the supermarket: that’s how you pull it off. But there are many who have the rag on their skin for many hours, because of their job. And then there are the children at school whom we supposedly have to protect from the evil virus with continued masking. These children do not deal with the quasi-surgical masks like a doctor during an open heart operation, professionally and according to clear guidelines, in an already sterile environment. You pull the part up in the morning before getting on the bus and at some point in the afternoon it comes off. In the 6 or 8 hours in between, the mask does a lot, is probably touched a hundred times and thus becomes a transshipment point for organic mess.

The microbe zoo in the mask

In Florida, USA, a group of skeptical parents got together to get to the bottom of the matter: by not disposing of a handful of masks from their children aged 6 to 11 after a long day at school, but in a professional laboratory (University of Florida / Center for Research and Teaching in Mass Spectrometry / Mass Spectrometry Research and Education Center) examined for accumulated content. (English-language reporting on “Townhall“)

The result is hair-raising – here is a list of the pathogens found that could be detected in the masks:

  • Streptococcus pneumoniae (can cause pneumonia)
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis (… Tuberkulose)
  • Neisseria meningitidis (… meningitis, blood poisoning)
  • Acanthamoeba polyphaga (… horny conjunctivitis, disease of the central nervous system)
  • Acinetobacter baumanni (… including pneumonia and meningitis)
  • Escherichia coli (… food poisoning)
  • Borrelia burgdorferi (… Borreliosis, like after a tick bite)
  • Corynebacterium diphtheriae (… Diphtherie)
  • Legionella pneumophila (… Legionärskrankheit)
  • Staphylococcus pyogenes serotype M3 (… u.a. Scharlach)
  • Staphylococcus aureus (… meningitis, blood poisoning)

After all: no viruses were found. But in five of the six masks examined, the above variety of quite dangerous pathogens was found. Half of the masks contained bacteria linked to pneumonia. One third of each bacteria that can trigger meningitis or no longer respond to antibiotics. The masks were “only” worn for one day, not for days. It is actually astonishing that this is only now coming to light, because the mask requirement for teachers and students was defined by the local authorities in Gainesville almost a year ago as a prerequisite for the reopening of teaching operations “in real” (local newspaper report).

Lots of dirt, little oxygen

Similar results can be expected for German schoolchildren. Of course, six masks are ridiculously few; the finds are not representative, but only a tiny spotlight of anecdotal character. On the other hand, the list of pathogens found is so worrying that one wonders how that can even be. If customs were to stop six cars at any random border and search the trunk and glove compartment, one would hardly expect a collection of a dozen different types of contraband, narcotics, dangerous weapons. Even if something had been found in just one of the masks, and if it had only been one dangerous type of pathogen, it should have made people skeptical.

On the one hand, it is relatively normal for an apparently healthy person to carry around all sorts of pathogens that are kept in check by the immune system. The idea that we could and should live more or less germ-free is unworldly. Children in particular need to train their immune system, and they usually get along well with it. But that does not mean that such bacterial colonies on a face mask are harmless, because they accumulate there, they multiply, and precisely because they are concentrated in front of the nose, they are of course potentially inhaled again with each breath, nice and deep into it Bronchi.

In addition, you have to breathe more intensely – with a mask in front of your face – in order to bring the necessary amount of oxygen into the lungs. On the one hand, the mask strains the body’s oxygen supply, which makes the body more susceptible to diseases; on the other hand, breathing more intensely ensures that potential pathogens are drawn deeper into the lungs. Incidentally, I didn’t come up with these problems of wearing a mask myself, but critical doctors have been writing about them in internet forums for a long time (example).

But even without the disgust factor, even without serious evidence of medical problems that can only be caused by constantly wearing a mask: What do we do to our children when we prevent a large part of communication, namely by hiding facial expressions behind the rag ? Social interaction is heavily influenced by facial expressions – this is precisely why “emojis” are so popular and helpful in electronic exchange: you can mark a passage of text as ironic, as nice or not meant so nicely. We do this – mostly unconsciously – in every real conversation. Children and young people also have to learn and practice non-verbal social interaction – in a playful way, as it were – especially where they have the opportunity to meet people of the same age: at school.

And what else do we do to the children by teaching them, practically training them to understand themselves as somehow dangerous and their breath as potentially deadly? And all of this after it was clearly clear from the beginning, since spring 2020, that the younger an infected person is, the safer the virus from Wuhan, and that children hardly ever get even noticeably sick from it? Even the reason that a child could infect dear grandma, and then unfortunately she would have to die, is now obsolete, at least from a government perspective, after the particularly endangered old people are now largely vaccinated and thus (allegedly) are protected. (Incidentally, we have had herd immunity for a long time, just as a reminder.)

Put an end to the smear theater

But it can no longer just be about freeing the children from this smear theater, and “Schmiere” is to be taken literally in view of the downright disgusting bacteria playground masks. The same masks are just as disgusting in front of an adult’s face, and not even just because of the inevitably accumulated microbes in a warm, humid greenhouse atmosphere. We now officially have “incidence” values ​​close to 10. Not that I suddenly think the RKI-produced figures and statistics are credible and meaningful, but there is an admission behind the number:

If 10 out of 100,000 inhabitants responded positively to a PCR test, then in the end not one in 10,000 people is actually contagious, but – after deducting false-positive results and really positive results with a minimal virus load (CT value between 25 and 30) – maybe one in 50,000, and he is likely to be in the hospital or lying on the sofa for three days at home instead of jerking around fruit and vegetables in the supermarket, and even that nobody will get infected.

In view of such relationships, forcing someone to wear the “mouth and nose cover” for a longer period of time is an absurd, arrogant, ludicrous political aberration. The whole mask charade was probably a lot of nonsense from the start, because not only is there no conclusive evidence that it would have even slowed the spread of the virus, but there are serious arguments that it was ultimately harmful to health. Surprise, scientifically proven medical fun-fact: breathing is important! (Try 30 seconds without it. Just for fun.) To hinder it, and to do it quite forcefully, for hours: how can it NOT affect your health, not to mention your general well-being?

On the subject of masks, too, we were only given one political show, and we were forcibly made extras. Even more than the lockdown measures, it is pure activism with no viable rational justification. (In comparison, the fact that we are still allowed to buy schnapps, climb ladders and ride bicycles is more than puzzling, because life is really lost through liver disintegration, ladder fall and handlebar somersaults, in contrast to walking unmasked through the pedestrian zone. The health dictatorship somehow does not work times consistently thought out. But I don’t want to give anyone ideas either.)

Suggestion: test center for worn masks

Above all else, the imposed mask (which some also gratefully slipped on) is a sign of humble obedience and simulates a sense of solidarity and security. But that’s just symbolism, and socio-politically dangerous too. It’s as smart and urgently needed as waiting for the green light at the pedestrian traffic light in the middle of the night, while for a kilometer to the right and left there is no car to be suspected. And then, to be on the safe side, to suspend two green phases as a sign of goodwill. But not only does the mask not help, it is obviously harmful from a purely medical point of view.

The political leaders, journalist actors and pseudo-experts who jostle their coffee filter dummies in front of the cameras in a pedagogical and embarrassing way are ultimately not just verbal with their individually operated bacteria collection bags (with their sociopathic slogans against “Covidiotes” and others Folk pests), but also microbiologically, specifically, pollutants. You should be ashamed of yourself instead of being morally excessive.

Perhaps the “test centers” could be repurposed: no longer testing people, but masks. We will probably still be able to afford a couple of mass spectrometers for this, after billions for non-existent additional intensive care beds and other varieties of political-activist incompetence of all kinds. Compared to our “medical” microbe romping masks that could be good old cloth handkerchiefs suddenly look pretty clean again, because nobody stapled that on their face for hours.


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