Children’s Hospital invites families with children to Covid-19 – in Latvia – News


In Latvia, Covid-19 has affected more than 70 children

28 of them are now undergoing post-surveillance health surveillance. The Children’s Clinical University Hospital has already concluded that eight children have been adversely affected by quality of life for several months after developing Covid-19: prolonged fatigue, prolonged fever, joint pain and headaches. These post-viral effects include olfactory and taste disturbances.

Therefore, doctors conclude that although Covid-19 itself is mild or asymptomatic in children, the effects of Covid-19 are much more unpleasant.

The Children’s Clinical University Hospital also calls for reference to other families in which children developed Covid-19. The more information in the study, the more reliable the data. The knowledge gained in Latvia will be compared with the state of children’s health elsewhere in the world.

Children with Covid-19 will also be invited for tests after one and two years

If unexplained symptoms occur during this time, the child’s parents will be given immediate examination and treatment. The data obtained from the study will be shared by the Children’s Clinical University Hospital with colleagues abroad.

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