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Even breastfeeding infants are separated from their mothers if one of them has covid-19.

News agencies Reuters and AFP have spoken to desperate Chinese mothers and fathers in China’s economic capital with 26 million inhabitants.

– I’m so nervous

One mother, Esther Zhao, thought she was doing the right thing when she took her feverish 2-year-old to a hospital on March 26.

Three days later, she begged doctors and nurses not to take her daughter from her. It did not help.

– I have not received a picture of her. I’m so nervous. I have no idea how she is, says the crying mother Reuters Saturday.

– The doctors said that the rules in Shanghai say that children go to their own hospitals, parents to quarantine centers and that parents are not allowed to join their children, says Esther Zhao.

Parents in Shanghai react strongly to the practice of separating children with coronary heart disease from their parents. The photo shows parents with children in downtown Shanghai on February 24.


She and her husband are in various quarantine centers.

Begs for signs of life

Ever since she visited the hospital with her feverish daughter, she has been begging for information.

The only sign of life she has received is a superficial message in a chat with a doctor that the child is well, writes Reuters.

Esther Zhao was not reassured. She is said to have panicked after videos of crying children circulating on social media in China.

mother and child in shanghai

Parents in Shanghai need to think twice before taking their children to the hospital. The photo shows a mother with a child in Shanghai on February 24.


According to Reuters, several thousand parents have reacted to the authorities’ decision to separate children from their parents.

– This is horrible. How could the government come up with such a plan, says one of the parents.

Breastfeeding infants taken from mothers

Even breastfeeding children as young as 3 months old are separated from their mothers, writes Reuters.

The news agency AFP has talked to a father of an infant of 4 months.

– If my child tests positive, she will be placed in her own quarantine for children, says the man who calls himself Law.

– This is completely impossible to understand. No matter what has happened, an infant should never be separated from his parents, the 33-year-old told AFP.

Kindergarten children isolated from parents

Reuters has had access to information sent out by a chat group at one of the hospitals in Shanghai.

One of the messages describes a room with eight children, where no adults have been observed.

Another example Reuters points out is that 20 children aged 5 to 6 years from the same kindergarten, are isolated from their parents at a quarantine center in the city.

Korona Shanghai / protective suits

Street scene from Shanghai on Saturday 2 April. Protective suit personnel hand out bags of vegetables to families affected by the closure.


The last corona wave came about a month ago.

Last Monday, the authorities shut down large parts of the city in an attempt to overcome the spread of the corona.

Shanghai is struggling

China’s largest city is struggling to contain an omicron-driven corona eruption.

On Saturday, there were 6,200 infected nationwide, AFP writes that two thirds are in the big city Shanghai.

The Chinese government maintains zero tolerance for the corona, unlike most other countries in the world.

This leads to severe closures in cities and towns that have eruptions.

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