Children return to class with lollipops, teachers accept certificates (Overview)

Students from 1st to 4th grade will be the first to return to school.

l Buy 13 million sparing

the test that gives the result

for minutes, students

will be checked

twice a week

l Vaccinated teachers

are just over 37%

The youngest students – from 1st to 4th grade, will return to school next week, the Ministry of Health and Education announced. They will be checked for COVID every Monday and Thursday before their first class, without anyone bothering them, as the tests are gentle.

The secret will be

takes from saliva,

explained the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov.

The test itself involves an elongated part in the form of a lollipop, at one end of which there is a swab that is placed on the tongue. Thus, a secretion is taken, which is then mixed with saline solution, dripped on a plate and the result is visible within a few minutes – with two features it is positive and with one – negative, explained Nikolay Kostov, chairman of the owners of pharmacies in Bulgaria.

The health ministry will provide 13m tests, and the public tender for their purchase was to be announced on Monday. Minister Katsarov expects to have quantities available at the beginning of next week. They will return to class only when they are delivered, he announced. November 1, Monday, is the Day of the Awakeners and is non-school.

The idea is at a later stage to include in the same way the upper course – 5th – 7th grade, and gradually all students up to 12th grade. This will allow learning to be present even in areas that fall within the dark red zone of coronavirus spread. If a child has a positive test, he or she will be returned without having to quarantine the entire class.

However, there will also be a filter for teachers – with the return of children to class and the requirement for a green certificate is introduced for them. It will first become compulsory for the primary school, which will return to school first, and then for everyone else.


which are not

vaccinated or

got sick,

will be tested

2 times a week

with antigen tests at school, announced the Minister of Education Prof. Nikolay Denkov.

Teachers vaccinated until yesterday are a little over 37% with the first dose or with a completed cycle, the Ministry of Education and Science announced.

The Minister reminded that there are currently 4 districts with a morbidity of over 1,000 per 100,000, which means that

every 1 in 100

soul is sick

And there is no other way for children to return to class by providing them with a clean environment.

Educational experts also set an example with external experience. In many US universities, for example, even a sick and vaccinated student is required to take a quick test every Monday to attend lectures.

The measure for the schools in our country was supported by the National Network for Children. “Such was our proposal in the summer in order to start the school year normally, to ensure a clean environment and to avoid the chain quarantine of children and classes, which we see now,” explained Plamena Nikolova from the civil organization.

“The only way for students to return to face-to-face learning is to start testing young students. To this end, a solid information campaign must be implemented, covering all parents of children from an early stage. In this way, to overcome fears and any negative attitudes towards children’s testing. ” Diyan Stamatov, director of the 119th Sofia University and chairman of the Union of Employers in the Education System, commented on this for 24 Chassa.

“It simply came to our notice then.

The problem is coming

from part of


who did not want to test their children “, added Velichka Stoycheva, director of the capital’s 18th high school. A survey was conducted on September 15 and 16 to see if they agreed to test the children, and it was not yet clear what type of tests. 60% of the parents then confirmed, others asked questions. Now they have launched a second poll and are hoping for single refusals, once it is clear that the tests will be sparing. The principal is in favor, because children from 1st to 4th grade find it difficult to study online, even though the teachers did their job brilliantly.

I support the decision, I am one of the initiators, said the director of the 51st high school “Elisaveta Bagryan” Asen Alexandrov. From his school budget

a month ago

bought by themselves

tests that

go out around


The teachers were tested every Monday and checked a class of children.

“The tests we bought at our school are salivating. He spits in an envelope. Put in solution. One line is negative, two – positive “, explained Alexandrov, who is also chairman of the Association of Directors in Secondary Education. (24 hours)



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