Children of Diomedes Díaz ask Gustavo Bolívar to apologize for trine

Controversy generated in social networks a trill from Senator Gustavo Bolívar in which he mentioned Diomedes Díaz for the death of Doris Adriana Niño, a woman who died in May 1997, and for which the renowned vallenato singer had to pay a few years in prison.

“The caravans for the freedom of a criminal me they remember the tremendous reception that Diomedes Díaz received in Valledupar after killing Doris Adriana Niño. We need 30 years with prodigious budgets to educate this country, ”Bolívar posted on his Twitter account.

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The trill immediately generated the indignation of the children of the ‘Cacique de la Junta’, who through a statement asked for a public apology from the senator.

“Colombia is a country of justice, guarantees and freedom of expression, where opinions must not cross the line of offense (…) Mr. Bolívar we do not accept that he uses our father’s name in his political persecution, we do not accept that he calls him a criminal, We do not accept that he slanders a person who is no longer on this earthly plane ”, the document reads.

Then They ask the senator to delete the comment and express his apologies. “I hope it is clear to him that his ‘trill’ not only offended us as children, but the entire diomedist family,” the text ends.

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However, contrary to what the singer’s children expected, the congressman and writer defended himself on the same social network. “About some criticism for“ smearing ”the name of Diomedes Díaz: I wrote a book about the case, I read the file. Doris Adriana was harassed. I felt pain for her family when the fans celebrated. I love his music and I hear it, but I know how to differentiate the musician from the human being ”, he wrote.

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