Children need to be collected for the procedure “soaring feet” – Komarovsky / GORDON

“Ask the doctors at the Kiev Burn Center how they feel about the procedure for children’s feet soaring. And if they can answer without using profanity, you’ll be very lucky. Our mothers believe that the closer the temperature is to boiling water, the more effective they are. they manage to add boiling water to a basin where the children’s feet have not been removed. This is crazy! For the procedure called “soaring feet” you should generally take the children out of the house, “he said.

In addition, the doctor called “pure banditry” breathing over potatoes because of the likelihood of getting burns in the respiratory tract, and also called for “stop suffering garbage”, putting mustard plasters.

“As a child, my mother used to put mustard plasters on a regular basis. It’s just unreal happiness when the mustard plasters are removed from you. And my mother asks:“ Well, has it become easier? ” without them paradise. And my mother is simply convinced that mustard plasters really save “, – explained Komarovsky.

He also considers the application of an “iodine net” to a child to be “banditry”.

“The iodine net is banditry, especially when used for children. Because through the baby’s skin, iodine is absorbed in large quantities into the systemic circulation and puts a huge load on the thyroid gland, in some cases causing acute damage to the thyroid gland,” the pediatrician said.


Komarovsky was born in 1960 in Kharkov. Graduated from the pediatric faculty of the Kharkov Medical Institute. Candidate of Medical Sciences.

From 1991 to 2000 he was the head of the infectious diseases department of the Kharkov Regional Children’s Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital.

In 2006 he opened a consultative medical center “Clinic” in Kharkov.

Komarovsky is the author of numerous scientific works, presenter of a number of television programs.



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