World Children locked up in the heat in a car...

Children locked up in the heat in a car in Pardubice called for help. My mother wondered why anyone was dealing with it


A police patrol alerted the patrol of the moaning children in the parked car on Thursday. The vehicle was standing in direct sunlight, and three children could be seen behind the closed windows.

“They cried and called their mother. The children were five and three years old and an eight-month-old infant. Visibly through the window, the children suffered from rising heat through the window. Fortunately, the vehicle did not have windows for electric control, but for the handle, “said the police on Friday.

The patrol asked the oldest of the children, a five-year-old girl, to lower the windows. The police then reassured the children, and their parents arrived after about twenty minutes.

“Their approach was not exemplary either. They downplayed the incident, and her mother marveled that the guards were interested in such a thing. Due to the seriousness of the situation and the conduct that could have been a violation of the Act on the Social Legal Protection of Children, the police officers will report the matter to the administrative body, ”the city police added.


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