Children imitate the challenge from the show. UK Britain: Lots of burns

Netflix announced a few weeks ago that the series became the most watched production on this platform in history – it was played on 111 million accounts. The South Korean series tells the story of a gruesome and bloody game in which participants struggling with financial problems struggle not so much for money as for life.

Only one out of 456 participants will finish the game (which consists of several rounds of children’s games) with 45 billion won (approximately PLN 150 million). The rest will die.

Dangerous fun

According to the website, in Great Britain the problem is the increase in the number of injuries among children caused by the honeycomb challenge. It is a competition that involves cutting a specific shape from a thin cookie with a needle. There is one rule – the cake cannot crumble.

The challenge has gained a lot of popularity on TikTok. Children use hot caramel to make the biscuit. It turns out that the fun ends very badly. British charity Burn Association appealed to parents on Twitter. “Warning. Burn units see an exponential increase in challenge injuries and the ‘Honeycomb’ trend on social media. The age range of recently admitted patients is 11 to 15 years. Many of them needed skin transplants, ‘the release reads.

Oliver Sawyer, a burn consultant and plastic surgeon at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, points out: “We really got upset when we saw several children with severe skin injuries from accidents while following a social media trend.

“We advise children to be accompanied by an adult if they wish to use a stove that could cause serious injury,” added a spokesman for Birmingham Hospital. In some schools in the UK, principals sent messages to parents asking them not to watch the production for their children.

Not only burns reports that, in turn, in one of the facilities in Belgium, teenagers had to fight. The winners bully the losers. In this way, the children reproduced another “game” shown in the series – it is about the popular game “One, two, three, a woman who is watching”.

In the “Squid Game”, about half of the participants were killed by shots during the first round of the game.

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