Children Have a History of Pneumonia, Can it Recur during the COVID-19 Pandemic?, Jakarta At the time of the pandemic COVID-19, child who has a history pneumonia and have fully recovered can go through the days like any other normal child. In this case, the pneumonia symptoms disappear and they are able to grow properly.

“Treatment of pneumonia is within 14 days or 2 weeks,” said Head of the Respirology Coordination Unit (UKK) of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) Nastiti Kaswandani during a virtual dialogue.l Save the Child from the Dangers of Pneumonia during the Pandemic, Thursday (5/11/2020).

“If the treatment is completely cured, it means that there are no sequelae pneumonia that is, the children who have had pneumonia can live and grow, like any other normal child. “

During the treatment of pneumonia, it must be taken seriously so that the child’s full healing can occur. What needs to be considered is if a child’s pneumonia has complications, it makes the immune system decrease.

“So, treatment pneumonia have to mean it. If the healing is good, the child will develop normally. But if there are complications, for example causing disability, of course the child will have less immune system, “continued Nastiti.

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Wear a mask, wash hands with soap, keep your distance and avoid crowds.

Always take care of your health, don’t get infected and take care of our family.


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