Children become victims, pediatricians stress the use of tear gas in Kanjuruhan


According to the latest information, as many as 130 people have died as a result of the heartbreaking accident at the Kanjuruhan stadium, Malang. Although the death toll was claimed to be the majority of adults, authorities revealed that there were also victims among children.

“There are children. There is a family. They are from Blitar,” said Malang District Health Bureau chief Dr. Wiyanto Wijoyo, when he was met at Wava Husada Hospital, quoted by detikJatim, on Sunday (10/02/2022).

“There are a lot of teenagers and adults,” he said.


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Pediatrician Dr Kurniawan Satria Denta, M.Sc, Sp.A also highlighted this incident. In his personal Twitter account, he highlighted the use of tear gas which has a more severe effect on children.

“Limited lung capacity makes the effects of tear gas even more severe for children,” wrote Dr. Denta quoted by Twitter account @sdenta with his permission on Sunday (2/10).

He said tear gas should not be used to control crowds or crowds with children.

“Tear gas cannot be used to control a mass / crowd with children in it. We should have known better,” he continued.

The components of tear gas tend to suffocate those who inhale it. The most commonly used component of tear gas is 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS gas). Other compounds used or suggested as tear gas include bromoacetone, benzyl bromide, ethyl bromoacetate, xylyl bromide and -bromobenzyl cyanide.

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