Children and youth campaign in the Puderbach forest district

News from October 9th, 2021

Children’s and youth campaign by the local community in Puderbach on Saturday, October 23, 2021 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Mousemich grill hut. Together, the participants build weiser gates to protect a small area in the Puderbach climate forest from deer. So the trees can grow particularly well there.

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Puderbach. In between there is a delicious lunch from the grill. Bring warm clothes, which can also get dirty, sturdy shoes and (work) gloves as well as ?? who has ?? Tools appropriate for the respective age (hammer, pliers, possibly fully charged cordless screwdriver).

Please register for the campaign by October 15 to Melanie Führer, phone 97 91 91 or Patrick Rudolph, phone 97 69 37 or [email protected] The children work in small groups of three to four people in a Corona-compliant manner: if you want, you can therefore register directly as a group.

It would also be great if the Hähertischen tables, which many children and young people built last year, were refilled again this year. Use the autumn break to collect acorns and bring them to the forest as soon as possible. Acorns that are still left in the hay tables from last year should be removed. (PM)

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