Children 5 years and older will be vaccinated in SLP against Covid – El Sol de San Luis

San Luis Potosí would soon have vaccines against Covid-19 aimed at children five years of age and older, this special vaccine for minors is called Pfizer Pediatric, it is available in Brownsville, Texas, and it would cost the government between 30 and 35 dollars each.

“The state government has the resources to be able to buy it and the procedures for its acquisition are advancing favorably, we are only waiting for the approval of the federal government to obtain it.”

This was confirmed by the governor, Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, who revealed that they are working in coordination with the county of Brownsville, “who have made available to us the doses we need from Pfizer Pediatric,” he said.

We learned about the sale of the vaccine in the United States and that its cost ranges between 30 and 35 dollars, “as a government we already have the necessary money to be able to buy it, the only thing we are waiting for is the consent and response of the federal government, to who we have already made several times the request to allow us to buy it”.

The state president warned that he wants to avoid the risk that already in Mexican territory “arriving at the airport they are going to take them away from us or they are going to tell us that they cannot be applied here.”

He reiterated that the state administration that he heads is prepared “if the federal government does not acquire them and send them to us, we already obtained them, we are very advanced in the purchase because we do want to vaccinate children.”

Finally Gallardo Cardona expressed that “we believe that vaccinating children is the best thing, this vaccine can be given to children from five years of age and older, that is what the Pfizer Pediatric standard establishes, so we are only waiting for the consent of the federal government, that they give us the green light to be able to acquire them, because if the federal government does not give its permission, then we will not be able to do much”.

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