Chiellini on Cristiano: “If he had left before here, better”

Taking into account the recent statements of Leonardo Bonucci where he highlighted that Juventus Now it is a more balanced and more complete team in general lines, we can determine that the output of Cristiano Ronaldo it has not been something difficult to digest for them, much less now that Chiellini joined this line of thinking.

In the middle of a talk for the DAZN chain, Giorgio Chiellini analyzed the present of the team, but also what was the impact of the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. In that interview, he said that there would be It was better if Cristiano Ronaldo left earlier, so the team would have had more time.

“Ronaldo left on August 28, it would have been better for us if he had left earlier. It was not a difficult thing to digest, but it gives you a bit of a surprise and, in my opinion, we paid something in terms of points in the first matches. If he had left on August 1, we would have had time to better prepareChiellini analyzed.

The vision of the central defender makes a lot of sense if you analyze what was the start of the team after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. It was one of the worst starts in the club’s history, falling 10 points behind Napoli in just six dates.

At the moment and after working on a game system that does not focus only on Cristiano Ronaldo, the team has six consecutive victories and has not lost for eight games.



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