Chiellini admits he cursed Saka before kicking a penalty

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Giorgio Chiellini confessed to have cursed Bukayo Saka before young players English it failed to score in the penalty shootout in the final Euro 2020 (Euro 2021).

Saka had to be disappointed after seeing his penalty saved by Gianluigi Donnarumma and made England lose to Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

Meanwhile, Chiellini claimed to have said incantations by saying ‘Kiricocho’ when Saka executed the penalty kick.

The viral video shows Chiellini chanting Kiricocho before the 36-year-old raced to celebrate Italy’s victory following Saka’s failure to find the net against Donnarumma.

‘Kiricocho’ is a term that originated in South America, and is believed to have a meaning as a curse.

To ESPN quoted Daily Mail, Chiellini admitted that he had said the word before Saka took the penalty kick.

“Ciao, Cristiano. I confirm everything to you. Kiricocho,” Chiellini told an ESPN reporter.

Saka proved difficult for Chiellini to deal with after being introduced by England coach Gareth Southgate in the second half.

Giorgio Chiellini tugs on the collar of Bukayo Saka’s shirt in the Euro 2020 final. (REUTERS/LAURENCE GRIFFITHS)

In fact, the Italian centre-back was forced to pull the collar of Saka’s shirt to stop the young English player’s movement.

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Italy won Euro 2020 after beating England 3-2 on penalties in the final.

Saka who was England’s last kicker failed to score a goal and caused Italy to come out as winners of Euro 2020.

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