Chief of Staff: We are reaching out to Northern Macedonia

Lena Borislavova PHOTO: Facebook

We are reaching out to start a constructive dialogue. This was stated by Lena Borislavova, Head of the Political Cabinet of the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on the topic of our country’s relations with the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

She assured that the Bulgarian position will continue to be well defended and argued, and the existing framework will be upgraded with the formation of 5 working groups to discuss specific topics. Lena Borislava also pointed out that the preparation and organization of this process was the reason for the visit to Skopje of the Foreign Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov – Vessela Cherneva, which took place on January 2.

The head of the political cabinet also confirmed that at today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers it was decided to recall Plamen Georgiev as Consul General in Valencia, Spain.

“This was a political appointment from 2019, accompanied by widespread public discontent, both in Bulgaria and among the Bulgarian diaspora in the Kingdom of Spain,” she said. According to her, it is possible to make a comprehensive assessment and change in the appointments in our diplomatic missions, but at this stage such has not been discussed.

“The information we have from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is that at the moment the political quota, which should be set by law, has been exceeded by the previous regular governments. This is one of the reasons for restricting political appointments. within the law “, Lena Borislavova added.

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