Chickens in a hunting village lay green eggs, it’s unbelievable how useful they are

Their biggest positive is that they have much lower cholesterol, explains the manufacturer

Hens in a hunting village lay green eggs. The news quickly spread throughout the municipality. They tasted the same as regular ones. The strange chickens appeared by chance in the home of Nevena Doichinova from Bulgarian source. He assumes that they are from the exotic Araucana breed, “Bulgaria on Air” informs.

“I can’t tell the breed, a friend gave me the eggs,” said Nevena.

Chickens are not difficult to raise and do not require special food. They live together with the others in a chicken coop. “I boil bread, wheat, corn and graze in the garden – like any normal hen”, shared Nevena.

There are only a few breeds of hens known in the world that lay colored eggs. Most are from South America. The news of the appearance of the strange feathers in Nevena’s court quickly spread throughout the area.

“I’m a little worried. I’ve never been in such a situation of interest from the media,” commented the owner of the hens.

Nevena says that green eggs have lower cholesterol and are more beneficial. They taste the same as regular ones. And he emphasizes that the eggs are not sold, but given as gifts.

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