Chicago prepares for a very hot Thursday afternoon, according to the weather forecast | Videos | Univision Chicago WGBO

that’s what we spent with you erika.Erica: thank you very muchalex, i’m happy to sharethis special day with everyonetemperatures are close toreach 90. at 12:00the at 12:00 in the afternoonchicago we will have 93.92 incicero and waukegan. is veryToday, in Indiana they havepoor air quality due tosmog, it is recommended to avoidbeing outdoors for a long timetime especially forpeople suffering fromrespiratory problems. now,for the whole sector todaywe have a hot daywith low humidity levels anda windy day with gusts ofup to 30 miles per hour whatmeans we have allingredients to generateforestry design and riskis high. it is recommendedavoid campfires, cook outdoorsready and alert. right now,esá cído is dry but at thewindy afternoon with a lot of heat

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