Chicago: man shoots one-year-old from car

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Man shoots one year old from car

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A terrible incident happened in the United States. A man shot a little boy. He fired eight shots and the mother was shot. According to the police, this happens far too often.

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In Chicago, a one-year-old boy was shot out of a car. The shooter stopped next to the 22-year-old mother’s car and fired eight shots, the police said on Saturday (local time). He had fatally hit the little boy in the chest. The mother had been shot on the head. There were no arrests at first.

“This happens far too often,” said Chicago Police chief Fred Waller, told journalists. “When does that stop? When do we say: Enough is enough? ”Asked Waller in view of the debate on stricter arms legislation in the United States.

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The firearm attack on mother and child occurred only a week after a three-year-old was killed in similar circumstances in western Chicago. Last weekend alone, there were 104 firearms injuries in the metropolis, as NBC reports.

In this case, too, the shooter has not yet been caught. “We will catch the person who killed the three-year-old child. And we will catch the person who killed this child, ”Waller assured.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Police Chief David Brown called on witnesses to report information to the police. Everyone in town should be outraged by the violence, Brown said. “This baby and all of our citizens deserve better.” Lightfoot appealed also via Twitter to the citizens of their city to make it a safe place.

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