Chicago Man Arrested in Connection with Capitol Riots | Video | Univision Chicago WGBO

erika: they report the second to

rest in our area for the

disturbios en washington d.c.

Enrique: the authorities

identify as kevin lyons.

his arrest is confirmed for

trespassing and conduct


lyons, 40, faces a

charge to enter the

federal building without permission.

we introduce you to this expert

the case, why are they charged

only minor offenses?

lyons supposedly put in his

cedr instagram account with

the chicago to washington route

with a message.

documents indicate that lyons

presumably for a photo of

nancy pelosi with the message of

Whose is this house?

possibly there are wings

ideas where they can see wings

actions by this


Enrique: After his arrest, the

fbi took a computer and

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