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A convenience store in Chicago, USA was robbed (video screenshot)

  Overseas Network, November 15th According to a Nov. 14 “New York Post” report, a convenience store in Chicago, United States, was robbed by thieves at gunpoint on the evening of the 11th. Both the employee and the robber died after shooting each other.

Salesman Ali Hassan, 63, and robber Nicholas Williams, 24, died in the crash, police said. After Williams entered the convenience store, pulled a gun and attempted to rob him, Hassan then pulled a gun from his waist and shot Williams in the chest. Williams returned fire, hitting Hassan in the chest and back. Williams then fled the store, but collapsed and died a block away.

Hassan was rushed to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where he died of his injuries. Hassan is a Palestinian immigrant. Police found three handguns during a search of the convenience store, including the handguns of Hassan and Williams, and a third handgun behind the counter. (Li Fang from overseas network)


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