Chicago commences the week with steep drops of more than 12 euros in oats and soy

The reference market in the United States for cereals and oilseeds, Chicago, commenced the week, as has presently happened in Europe, with substantial drops in all crops, in certain important all those of soy and oats, which reduce in excess of 12 euros for each ton.


Fall of 6.6 and 15.4 euros per ton for contracts closed in September and December, quoted at 284 and 290 € / t.


As for corn, decreases of € 6.2 and € 6.9 for every tonne for things arriving at their location in September and December, which have a rate of € 236.6 and € 236.2.


The most critical decreases ended up suffered, in the session of 16 August on the Chicago Stock Exchange, by oats, which fell to 13 and 12.1 euros in the cases of the objects traded for September and December, which stood at 299.3 and 277, 3 euros for each ton.

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At last, the sharp drops experienced by soybeans really should be pointed out, which sees the value of the items that will be transported to their vacation spot in August drop by 12.6 euros and these in September by 10.8, so substantially so as to mark a price of 525.5 euros. 499 euros per ton.

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