Chic LADA 4×4 style pleased the network

Craftsmen showed what a popular Russian SUV from a factory should be like.

Most motorists are not satisfied with the appearance of cars produced by AvtoVAZ, so the Russians have to resort to tuning in order to improve the design of their car. Sometimes such ideas become the object of jokes and ridicule, but basically, such projects meet the approval of others.

Not out of the crowd and LADA 4×4 with a chic style, a photograph of which appeared in the thematic community on the social network Instagram. This version of the legendary Russian SUV indicates that if AvtoVAZ produced such cars, then Gelika and Kruzaki would not be needed.

The luxurious version of the tuned Niva is distinguished by a dark red body color, a power bumper with an electric winch, a brutal kenguryatnik with additional lights, a plastic snorkel, black plastic wheel arches and a large expeditionary luggage compartment, which is highlighted by illuminators and the presence of a spare wheel. Do not neglect the fact that the modified Russian all-terrain vehicle was equipped with an air intake on the hood and plastic threshold protection – now such a LADA 4×4 can safely go off-road and are not afraid of damage.

The transformed Niva pleased network users. “Fire”, “Why are there no such people from the factory”, “AvtoVAZ, does it care about people at all?”, “We need such cars”, “When will we go to such cars,” community subscribers said.


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