Chiara Ferragni shows her belly to Leone, the unexpected gesture of the child displaces everyone: “What are you doing?”

Chiara Ferragni shows the baby bump to Leone, the unexpected gesture of the child displaces everyone: “What does it do?». A few minutes ago, Fedez posted a video on his Instagram profile that immediately went around the web.

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In the images, Chiara Ferragni, sitting on the sofa, shows her baby bump to Leone, telling him to give her little sister a kiss. The little one approaches and kisses the belly, but it is the next gesture that makes the hearts of the fans melt. Leo, putting his index finger in front of his mouth, signals to be silent so as not to wake up his little sister.

The child repeats the tender gesture several times, making mum Chiara Ferragni and dad Fedez laugh. Immediate comments from fans: «The sweetest thing we’ll ever see“. It’s still: “Leo will be a golden brother“. Needless to say, like boom.

Last update: Tuesday 24 November 2020, 22:24



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