Chiang Mai aims to use the Chalerm Phrakiat 7 Convention Center to set up 260 beds of Sanam Luang Hospital to receive people who are asymptomatic

Dr. Chatuchai Maneerat, Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Doctor, along with the medical team of Nakorn Phing Hospital, Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, San Sai Hospital and Prasat Hospital, revealed the progress of treatment results for COVID-19 patients. Chiang Mai Province (new wave): 23 cases, 1 returned home, and 22 hospitalized results of COVID-19 treatment All symptoms continued to improve. And when symptoms improve, enter a safe distance from the transmission of the disease Can be discharged from the hospital According to the Department of Medical Standards

Which currently Chiang Mai Prepare for medical treatment Regarding the support bed, if there is a COVID-19 patient Currently, there are 153 beds (61 intensive care patients, 92 moderate patients), including Nakorn Ping Hospital. Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital San Sai Hospital Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital, San Pa Tong Hospital Chomthong Hospital

In this regard, resources have been prepared to cope with the situation that may arise. Sufficient antiretroviral drugs are reserved for severe cases and require dosing. Especially Favipiravir drug Can be reimbursed from the Ministry of Public Health if the number of patients increases.

While the COVID-19 laboratory In Chiang Mai, there is a COVID-19 testing laboratory for both public and private sectors, able to test more than 4,000 cases / day. The 3 main surveillance target groups are: 1. Pneumonia patients And had flu-like symptoms in every hospital 2. A specific target group or a specific area such as the first inmates receive Foreign workers Border areas and 3. other groups according to the situation, such as drivers, employees in entertainment venues, there is also a search that is in line with an epidemiological investigation. And proactive search for patients in the community There is a network surveillance system. Have a preparation plan

However, the number of people infected with COVID-19 All over Thailand now Chiang Mai Province needs to prepare for opening a field hospital or field hospital to support the widespread case of an outbreak. To provide care for large numbers of COVID-19 patients, 260 beds were initially set up to provide exclusive care to those infected with COVID-19. With no or few symptoms With permission to establish a field hospital Chiang Mai Province At the International Convention and Exhibition Center in honor of the 7th anniversary Chiang Mai Province By being prepared first Not yet operated In an urgent case, we can open it immediately, and the patient care system follows the Ministry of Public Health‘s COVID-19 clinical practice guidelines. There is a primary care system. And important systems of the hospital, especially the infection control system To prevent the outbreak To outsiders and communities

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