Chen Xuyuan’s exchanges with the international team have received good results. The player’s attitude makes him very happy.

Original title: Chen Xuyuan’s exchange with the international team has received good results. The player’s attitude makes him very happy

Article source: Tianjin Daily

News from our newspaper (reporter Zhao Rui) In the teaching match held yesterday, the Chinese team defeated Changchun Yatai 2-0, and the first training camp in 2021 ended with victory. Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Chinese Football Association, witnessed the performance of the Chinese team. The team will be temporarily disbanded, and the coaching staff will plan the next training session after the Spring Festival.

The starting lineup of the Chinese team in this game: goalkeeper Liu Dianzuo; defenders from left to right are Wang Shenchao, Yu Dabao, Li Ang, and Wang Gang; from left to right, the four midfielders are Wu Xinghan, Zhang Xizhe, Wu Xi, and Jin Respect Tao; strikers Exon, Tan Long. In the first half, Wu Xinghan’s goal helped the Chinese team take the lead. In the second half, Li Tie made more adjustments to the lineup. Players who did not appear on the field all got the chance to play, and Zhang Yuning scored a penalty. Alan came off the bench at the last minute and played for the first time in a warm-up match on behalf of the national football team.

On the afternoon of the 8th, Chen Xuyuan had an exchange with all the members on the theme of building a national team capable of fighting well and having a good style. It is worth mentioning that Chen Xuyuan’s speech was basically in a state of being out of draft. This “speaking of the heart” communication method has received good results. The attitude of the team members also made Chen Xuyuan very happy. This is a “win-win”. Of the expedition.

A few days ago, the AFC notified the member associations participating in the top 40 that they need to give a clear statement on whether they can restart home and away games as planned before February 15. If it is not possible to continue to adopt the home and away game system, the AFC will start the B plan, that is, the unified arrangement of the game until mid-to-early June with the game system. In accordance with FIFA’s requirements, the top 40 games in the Asian region will end before June 15.

It is no secret that the Chinese Football Association is striving for the second round of the top 40 matches to be played in China. Once the AFC decides to adopt plan B, no matter when the Chinese Super League starts this season, it will come to an end on May 19 and make way for the Chinese team to participate in the top 40. According to the coaching staff’s plan, the Chinese team will arrange a training camp in mid or late March, depending on the start date of the Super League.Return to Sohu to see more


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