Chen Weixuan and ViuTV created an visual appearance on TVB, concentrating on singing and searching ahead to a solo live performance

Chen Weixuan appeared at TVB’s “Charity Entire of Kindness” push conference.

The runner-up of “Generating Stars III”Chen Weixuan appeared at TVB’s “Charity Entire of Kindness” press meeting nowadays and introduced that he would be meeting withSingers like Shi Kuangqiao and Huang YibinConduct dances and sing songs. He stated that he is presently becoming a member of Universal and that he has no contract with ViuTV, but will nevertheless go to ViuTV to encourage the songs in the long run.

Due to the fact Guan Jiamin’s past “Star Maker III” file has captivated a great deal of negative assessments and even refers to her as in opposition to her bones. Wei Xuan expressed that he hopes to sing his performs on unique platforms and points out that he has diverse identities.I hope to archive additional personalized do the job, and I can open it to a own concert, and I stated I invested 80 hours recording new tunes before.“A fool and a idiotis her debut ballad, which invites absolutely everyone to assist her.

Chen Weixuan said he has no contract with ViuTV.Chen Weixuan said he has no contract with ViuTV.

Chen Weixuan explained he has no contract with ViuTV.

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