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[Sottotitoli completi]The apology was washed away by the president of Huannan Market with a “one sentence” Chen Shizhong: If you have pain, you can tell me @ 中

The Ministry of Health and Welfare said last year that “Wanhua is a violation of epidemic prevention” and the Huannan market has been tragically affected. Lin Shengdong, president of the Central South Market Autonomous Region, was asked a few days ago if he would accept the apology of Chen Shizhong, the Taipei mayoral candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party, and said bluntly: ” I’ll apologize to you again. Will you accept it? ” Chen Jin (6) Then he replied: “I didn’t hit anyone, but I feel pain and I can tell myself.” The incident sparked heated discussions, with large numbers of network users praising Lin for “having courage” and “a real man with a personality that is not afraid of power.”

In response to Lin Shengdong’s statement, Chen Shizhong said in an interview after participating in Huiguang’s guide and exchange experience with guide dogs today: “I didn’t hit anyone, but I feel pain and you can tell me about it,” underlining what the problem is. Everyone can communicate. He has no intention of hitting anyone. In the prevention of epidemics, I still hope that everyone can work together to make things right.

Regarding the self-assessment of epidemic prevention performance, he and Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe exchanged words like “death”, “no morality” and “no medical ethics”. The most important thing is to carry out politics with heart and cordiality.

Lin Shengdong’s phrase “I will beat you and apologize again, will you accept it?” sparked heated discussion and large numbers of netizens flocked to “Zhongshi News Network” and “yahoo! News” to leave messages: “President Lin really has guts!” “This is what you call a real man who has a personality and is not afraid of power”, “I really like President Lin! I hit the spot every time”, “The president fully speaks with my heart”, “The arrogant and irresponsible Chen Shizhong, won’t you apologize for the election? ” “Apologizing is not cheating the votes, as you trampled the Chinese people in the first place!”

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