Chelsea’s message of serenity for Koundé


Updated:02/06/2022 07:35h


Either they don’t know very well the scenario in which Sevilla seems to move after selling Diego Carlos, in a stronger position, or Chelsea will end up with a higher offer than the one they presented last summer, of 50 million euros. But the truth is that the English club gives the feeling of having no doubts about the signing of the Frenchman. This has been transmitted by the working group of the new owner of the London entity, Todd Boehly, to the footballer’s environment. The English club, in which just a few days ago the North American capital officially landed, has asked for serenity, always in order to avoid listening to other possible club proposals also important economically.

Chelsea, as a cover letter, already told Sevilla that they want to sign the player. What was not expected, however, is that Aston Villa would go ahead and carry out the operation of Diegio Carlos with greater speed. With the almost 35 million that Sevilla will enter for the Brazilian central defender, the Nervión club can negotiate for Koundé from a very different position. The president of Sevilla, José Castro, already indicated it when asked about the departure of Diego Carlos and the foreseeable departure of Koundé: ««We have considered it ideal at this time. We would have liked to get more, but those of us who sell them are not stupid and they know that Diego Carlos is 29 years old for 30. It is not the same as Koundé. We always listen to offers. If something has been demonstrated, it is that we do not sell to any player if they do not give us what we think it is worth. We have shown it with several players, especially with Koundé », he said on Radio Sevilla, practically assuming that the Frenchman will also finally come out:« We bring young players and they are made here. Koundé was good when he arrived, and now he is much better. Diego Carlos, the same. Others will come, this is football.”

Koundé, Meanwhile, he continues to focus on the French team, waiting for his agent to explain how the situation is regarding his future. The first game of the French team will be this Friday, against Denmark at 8:45 p.m. Then come the duels against Croatia on Monday the 6th, Austria on Friday the 10th, and Croatia again on Monday the 13th. From this last date, Koundé will begin his vacation.

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