Chelsea in Talks with Inter Over 50 Million Euro Deal for Goalkeeper Onana, Lukaku Potential Exchange

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Both clubs will meet after the dispute of the Champions League final to finalize the operation

Inter rates the goal at 50 million and Chelsea intends to include Lukaku and other footballers

The transfer of Onana It can be one of the great operations of the summer market. The Inter goalkeeper has been one of the great architects who has led his team to the Champions League final that tomorrow will be played against Manchester City. His personal numbers support him as the best goalkeeper in the great European competition.

At 27, Onana, trained in the FC Barcelona youth academy, is going through his best moment. For weeks now, Chelsea have been following in the footsteps of the Cameroonian goalkeeper and have already had several contacts with Inter to learn about the Italian club’s predisposition and assess the first financial demands. Both parties have met until the week after the Champions League final to finalize the details of the negotiation.

From the outset, Inter rates André Onana for a price not less than 50 million euros. Chelsea already anticipated that in this operation the figure of Lukaku should be considered, a striker who belongs to the discipline of the Stamford Bridge club and who this season has played for Inter on loan. In addition, the English have a long list of footballers under control who would also be in a position to join Calcio and contribute to significantly reducing the price of the transfer.

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Barça, waiting

Barça is another of the clubs that is also waiting for the outcome of the Champions League final to resume contacts with the interista sports management. Several meetings have been held throughout the season and Inter’s interest in Kessie has become clear. Despite this, from Italy a possible transfer is not valued but they would be for the work of studying possible exchanges of footballers. Brozovich’s name It is already on the negotiating table.

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