Chelsea find Werner’s replacement: Armando Broja

The output of Timo Werner it is getting closer and closer to being a reality. Despite being one of the great signings of the Chelsea Last season, the German has not performed at the level expected by everyone in the Blue team and everything seems to indicate that it is one of the sales that the sports management wants to make in order to make money with the aim of signing Jules Koundé, the club’s last goal .

The German striker is one of the goals Bayern Munich has to replace Robert Lewandowski, who has asked to leave the German team next summer with the intention of having new important challenges in his last years in the European elite.

Chelsea, which has just closed the incorporation of Romelu Lukaku for a record number for the club, is willing to leave Timo Werner because he has the ideal replacement to fill the role of substitute for the Belgian and be the star of the team a long term. We are talking about Armando Broja.

The young Albanian strikerThe 19-year-old is on loan for one season at Southampton to continue growing individually and to be a piece to be reckoned with for next season.

Armando Broja comes from being one of the great players in the lower categories of the Blue team and his numbers speak for themselves:

-16 goals and 5 assists in the U18 team

-2 goals in 5 games with the U19 team

-3 goals in 13 games for the U23 team

He is a striker who in England is compared to Diego Costa due to his physique and his way of playing, fitting perfectly with the idea of ​​Chelsea’s game today. A talent to be reckoned with and who will become Lukaku’s replacement next season if Werner’s departure is confirmed.



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