Chelsea ex-boy Cheer 1, instead of Lampard

Bet Fair is one of the legal gambling sites. Open the price for Chelsea’s next manager, with one favorite being Andre Shevchenko, Thomas Tuchel and Massimiliano Allegri are two favorites.

Bet Fair, a legal gambling place, has offered former Ukrainian striker Andre Shevchenko the No. 1 prospect to become the new manager of the English Premier League giants Chelsea. Price 9/5 (bet 5 pay 9 excluding capital)

Lampard has been in the news of the heavy sacking throughout the past. After this season led the team to do a disappointing performance compared to spending more than 200 million pounds (about 8 billion baht) in support of the army, which now some casino has raised him to be the Deng Ja who will have to lose his job as a man Continuing among all Premier League coaches as well

As for Chef Chenko, he is doing an impressive job as a trainer for the Ukrainian national team. He led the team to the final of Euro 2020 after taking a job at his hometown in 2016, where he also played for Chelsea between 2006-09, but was unsuccessful there.

Betfair cited former Paris Saint-Germain boss Thomas Tuchel with Massimiliano Allegri, former AC Milan and Juventus coach, as two favorites. Price 7/2 (bet 2, pay 7, excluding capital) As for Julian Nagelsmann, the manager of the RB Leipzig and Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers, who just won against Lampard on the day Tuesday, January 19, the past is a favorite 4 with a price of 15/2 (bet 2 pays 15, excluding capital)

The odds of the Premier League’s next manager of the top 10 from Bet Fair
1.Andre Shevchenko 9/5
2. Thomas Tuchel, 7/2
– Massimiliano Allegri 7/2
4. Julian Nagelsmann 15/2
– Brendan Rodgers, 15/2
6. Ralph Rannick 10/1
7. Didier Deschamps 12/1
– Ralph Hasen Huttl 12/1
9. Claude Magelele 16/1
10. Rafael Benitez 20/1

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