Check out – Nisreen Tafesh will fly the two towers into your mind with a daring video

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – Syrian actress Nisreen Tafesh, her followers, have shared new photos of her via her formal account on the renowned photo web site “Instagram”.

Syrian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, appeared in the new pics, with a regal check out from her household, which amazed followers.

Nisreen Tafesh commented on the photographs and wrote: Appreciate is a drive, only the solid can do it, there is no area here for the weak and the psychologically defeated.

Earlier, the Syrian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, appeared in the new photos, accompanied by her sister and son, in her very first look.

Nisreen Tafesh commented on the pics and wrote: “Keep in mind Hassouna, my nephew, the huge of the family members. He grew up and grew to become the sheikh of the young. He is however a longtime worker, God eager. My beloved, may possibly he be. God make by yourself content and defend your self, oh gentleman, oh loving younger person, extremely sweet and digestible ».

And Nisreen Tafesh ongoing: “Draw to see the past original photograph from six several years ago, but for the file, I am seventy-a single hundred many years old.
And in the 3rd photo, my dear sister Zainab, could God defend her and make her pleased, and your loved ones and beloved kinds will leave you.

Previously, Syrian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, shared her followers with new pictures of her, carrying the hijab for the initial time, in a appear that amazed every person.

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