Check every day at the easternmost point

A couple from Dessau take a bike course to the easternmost point on the Neisse, between Deschka and Zentendorf. You have taken a bike tour on the Neisse Cycle Path, cycled from Görlitz to Rothenburg. They actually wanted to visit the most easterly point on the way there, but drove past it, says the man. On the way back, both are more careful and have found the driveway. “This place is wonderful, in the middle of nature and near the Neisse”, rave the two cycle tourists.

Martin Friedrich and Lothar Stange are pleased with this praise. Together with the SZ, they meet at this geographically and touristically interesting point on Germany’s easternmost tip. Martin Friedrich, at home in Zentendorf, holds the Zipfelbuch in his hand. It bears the number 11. Three pages are still free, he sees when leafing through. “Time for a new book,” he says. What particularly pleases him about the entries are the words of praise that visitors from West Germany in particular, but also from abroad, have written in the book. Most of them passed by on bicycles.

Outraged by vandalism

This compensates the “creator” of the easternmost point, Martin Friedrich, and Lothar Stange from Deschka for the work they put into this tourist gem. Lothar Stange says that he visits here almost every day to see whether everything is still okay. And that’s not always it, say he and Martin Friedrich. “Too often the most easterly point has been rioted by rioters. Broken windows on the refuge, destroyed or stolen zip books, rubbish and broken pieces in the grass, we remove all of this every time so that visitors can enjoy this little piece of nature,” says Lothar Stange . He is also connected to nature by profession: as a forester and nature and landscape conservationist.

The most easterly point is very important to both gentlemen who are connected to their homeland. They looked all the more interested in the ZDF summer interview that reporter Theo Kroll and AfD chairman Tino Chrupalla led under the big oak tree on August 9th. “We have never seen 25 vehicles, from trucks to cars, stop here”, reports Martin Friedrich, who briefly watched the live broadcast on site.

Not a word of thanks at TV interview

Among the many ladies and gentlemen on Sunday is the owner of this piece of nature: Nikolaus von Gaylingen. Lothar Stange is annoyed that Martin Friedrich in particular was not mentioned in this casserole. “Martin and friends built the most easterly point in October 1994. He had a boulder weighing more than six tons hit it, provided it with a stainless steel notice board, set up a flagpole with the Germany flag and provided a seating area and a small hut in the shape of one Disused silos. That was done on my own initiative and out of pocket, “Stange lists. “And all to the delight of hundreds of cyclists and paddlers along the Neisse every year.”

The two enthusiasts would be all the more pleased if the owner of this meadow would support them. “The next thing will be that we have to replace the bench and the table,” Martin Friedrich lists. Lothar Stange thinks of a notice board that not only describes the place, but also its history. Finally, in 1945, the front moved along here, bridges over the Neisse were blown up and people were forced to flee. Nikolaus von Gayling, who lives in Freiburg im Breisgau, is open to the project. When asked by SZ, he is happy to promise his support.

Only bought a piece of meadow

A short time after the fall of the Wall, the now 78-year-old came into possession of “this meadow”, as he says. He bought the piece of land on the Neisse more than an addition from a previous owner when the federal government offered him a forest near Deschka. “At first I didn’t even realize that this is such an important place for the region and therefore also for Germany,” says the forest manager. He is therefore happy when locals get involved in the easternmost point and make it better known. “The two gentlemen shouldn’t be afraid of a nobleman from the West and come up to me,” said von Gaylingen in a symbolic hand. Now it is up to Friedrich and Stange to strike that hand.

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