Check Cholesterol Levels Routinely, This Can Be Prevented: Okezone Lifestyle

ROUTINE check cholesterol levels turns out to be very important for the health of the body. The reason is, there are several diseases that can be prevented by diligently doing this medical activity. Among them are preventing the risk of heart and blood vessel disease.

Both diseases are preventable because they are closely related as much cholesterol. This also includes the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

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“Regular checkups are important because an increase in cholesterol is closely related to an increased risk of heart and blood vessel disease, such as coronary heart attacks and strokes,” said Samuel Oetoro, a clinical nutrition specialist who consulted obesity and metabolism, as quoted from Among.

He explained that it is very important to periodically check blood lipid components or lipid profiles to do it regularly or periodically. The goal is to detect an increase in cholesterol levels which may not be accompanied by symptoms.

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Then to prevent bad cholesterol from rising, everyone should continue to do physical activity and maintain a healthy diet.

“The incidence of low cholesterol is less common than the incidence of high cholesterol. A person with high cholesterol levels is prone to blockage of various arteries and an increased risk of gallstone formation,” he explained.


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